Saturday, 15 October 2011

Neptune industries

Welcome to the Neptune Industries: “The World of S.S Furniture’s & Accessories“
Neptune Industries is The Manufacturers/Exporters /Suppliers of Stainless Steel Furniture for Pharmaceutical Companies, Hospitals, Hotels, Canteens, Kitchens, Food Products Storage & Supply, and Material Handling.

We are located in Ahmedabad city in Gujarat in India. The Company is Working Continuously to Improve Their Product Range with high Quality Standards. With Creativity & Technology today we are the Leading Company in India for Pharmaceutical Steel Furniture in Clean Room Furniture, SS Logo & Letters, S.S Fittings, Hotel & Canteen Equipments for Pharma Laboratory, R & D Labs.

The Company Has Vast Experience in Making This Equipment for Their customers in India from Delhi, Punjab, Baddi, Haridwar, Rurki, Mumbai, The Company has Indirect Exporting Their Products to Worldwide.

Quality is the Vital Role for us to be in Business with Our customers, we provide such High Quality For Demanding Lab Environments of Pharmaceutical Companies

It is Always Better to use Neptune S.S Furniture for Which Makes of High standard S.S material for All Kind Of Applications of Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, food , Cosmetics companies

And last but not the least, we welcome our customers for valuable suggestions to develop their products with their technical specifications & suggestions,

Neptune Industries Provide all Kind of support for all product and services by Phone or Email at , it is our pleasure to provide all necessary information on time to our clients .

Company Infrastructure :
Neptune industries have a manufacturing unit which is equipped with world class infrastructure. The company has a factory plants to an extent 6000 sq. Ft area with adequate power and water connection. As our complete fabrication work unit, we have evolved, developed and installed in-house facilities for all the operations.

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